Beatbox is the Art of Creating and Imitating Rhythms and Melodies with a Voice. And those sound drawings that are created by the master of the bit with a stunning voice, incredible workshops. You can't call this technique anything else than art.

The Beatbox uses all parts of your body: legs and diaphragm, chest and lungs, tongue and lips. That's why beatbox is body music.

The history of Beatbox is quite vague, but in the form in which we are used to seeing it, beatbox appeared on the streets of New York and other cities in the United States, where companies gathered and rapped to the beats of drum machines. But at that time, dram cars and various synthesizers were hard to reach, and, moreover, many people couldn't afford them. So a new tool, the human mouth, was found.

Of all the musical directions, the closest thing to a beatbox is hip-hop. Beatbox was born in this area, developed there, and became less popular with the decline in popularity of hip-hop. But beatbox didn't stop there. It was used in jazz, rock and other styles. Much for the development of beatbox made a master of vocal effects Michael Winslow (he is known from the "Police Academy", as well as the creator of sound effects in the movie "Back to the Future").
Beatboxers are more than serious about music. And their art is able to create very interesting effects, also in combination with other styles.

Jenya Kichigin been Beatboxing since he was 9.
By high school he mastered the art of creating rhythms at such a level that now in his spare time he roasts at various festivals and corporate parties. Jenya told "Music Sun" correspondent about how to become a master of beatboxing and gain public recognition.

- How did you start Beatboxing?

Everything happened gradually, once in my early childhood, I  was lucky to be engaged in the sound of a computer game. The main character of this game was a teenager with a dog, he traveled through the virtual world and looking for answers to his tasks. The fact that my father carried me away with this process so much as from early childhood I had an incredible imagination I drew a lot and tried to copy the sounds of various electronic devices electric razor, car engine, helicopter, but of course I was interested in the sounds of musical instruments saxophone, drum, trombone. Anyway, we started to sound a computer game at that time and we had to figure out how to reproduce the sound of a horn in a computer game at that time I had an idea and my father supported it, so we left that sound as I remember it now. And then we continued to look for new sounds in the day, we had to find about 100 different sounds and record them in one library, we improvised to find different devices, which just didn't come up with my imagination turned on. It was from that moment on that I got carried away imitating sounds with my voice.

- What are you into besides beatboxing?

I like to compose music Besides my voice I use different equipment my studio is slowly updated now I'm mastering MPC Renesans and I also use different music effects processors such as Korg Kaoss Pad Professional, Voise Live TC Helicon, Boss Rc 50, Yamaha psr 300, Roland 808 sound recording equipment makes it possible to do things that you could only dream of before. Now you can record a beatbox in real time to play to your accompaniment on the piano and process it all in parallel with professional sound effects and change the tone of the voice, all this is possible today, it was not before.

- What do you consider your greatest achievement in life?

One day when I came home, I noticed that there was a teenager lying close to the road, and what had happened to him is still unclear to me. Anyway, I called an ambulance to explain where the place was, and then the doctors came and hospitalized the teenager, he was just lying unconscious, probably having some kind of seizure. He needed help - it happened relatively recently.

- What can you advise for beginners beatboxers, where to start, what to pay attention to?

The main thing is to be yourself no matter what you know, I'm watching what happens. There are people who know how to influence other people they find the right tools to influence other people with this is not just a couple I have examples of and after a while I was watching these people change after losing mine they stopped being themselves. They stopped being who they used to be under the influence of other people. Beatbox gives you the opportunity to master your unique style is a unique genre of modern art that will help you find yourself. The main thing is to master the base and develop your unique style over time you will see how others will try to copy your style if you succeed, the main thing is to remain yourself.

- Do you need a special talent or can anyone learn how to beatbox?

This can be learned from everyone given the modern realities we live in. You can come to our school and we will teach you beatboxing. Talent is first of all your aspiration you should work hard to invent something new to learn a lot of different programs to look at the experience of other people it is also a good practice so everyone learns and you can gather your unique style and develop need to work hard, give it time and everything will work out.

- How do you not choke, you do Beatbox?

It's just an unrealistic volume of lungs to have.Actually, it all depends on the sound technique. All the sounds you make in the Beatbox are both exhaled and breathed in. So with the right air distribution, you have no chance of losing control of the air. It may not seem real from the outside, but if you find out how this or that rhythm is made, you will understand that it is a set of sounds combined in a sequence when performed and how the air is controlled.

- Can you recommend any specific tutorials, video blogs that could help beginners?

There is a very good tutorial video on YouTube from Gavin Tyte who created the world's first tutorials and video tutorials on Tyte Beatbox. There is also a very good video material on the official Human Beatbox website in the training section. There is also a training section on the Swiss Beatbox service and a video from the Swiss Beatbox.

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